FEMíS new smoker

Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has introduced a new range of smoker ovens to meet the year-round demand for barbecued food.

The Alto-Shaam smoker ovens offer 
the convenience of cook-and-hold ovens with the added feature of being able 
to flavour menu items with real smoke.

The ovens use pure wood chips to achieve an authentic barbecue flavour, and the smoking process induces a natural enzyme in the meat, which helps keep it tender.
The smoker ovens are available in both manual and electronic versions, in single or double units with capacities of up to 45kg and 90kg, respectively. Both models can cook, hot-smoke and hold meats, poultry and fish, as well as being able to cold-smoke fish and cheese.

All models feature a non-magnetic stainless-steel interior and stackable racks and shelves for additional capacity. Electronic models have a temperature probe to control cooking, in addition to eight programmable menu options. They are mounted on castors and are supplied with internal drip pans, shelves and rib racks, an external drip tray and a sample bag of wood chips.

The ovens have been designed to cut costs, using less energy than conventional ovens.The electronic models use the SureTemp heat-recovery system for further savings.

FEM also supplies wood chips, which are available in 9kg packs of apple, cherry, hickory and maple to suit different menu items.


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