Eblex promotes new cuts to save lamb industry

The organisation claims its 10 new cuts, developed from the loin, leg, forequarter and breast using seam butchery techniques, could improve gross margins by 20%.

All cuts received good reactions from customers during independent tests, and Eblex hopes they will help processors and butchers make more effective use of the carcase and boost lamb purchases, as consumption keeps declining.

Eblex retail project manager Mike Whittemore said: “Research has shown that the main barrier to purchase for consumers considering lamb is that it is expensive and it appears fatty. In developing the new range, not only did we try to maximise the value of the lamb carcase, we also wanted to produce cuts with real consumer appeal.

“By creating a better balance across the whole of the lamb carcase and, in particular, improving the quality of certain cuts by employing seam butchery techniques, we are able to offer consumers greater value for money from a wider choice of cut. At the same time, gross profit margins are enhanced for retailers and foodservice operators.”

Eblex launched a similar campaign for beef last year, and its alternative beef cuts are now listed at three of the top five multiple retailers and a number of foodservice establishments.

> Eblex's 'Discover Lamb' kit

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