Eblex launches seam butchery demonstration videos

Eblex has released cutting demonstrations videos showing master butcher Dick van Leeuwen using seam butchery techniques to add value to beef cuts.

Meant to provide a training tool for butchers, both experienced and inexperienced, the videos are available on the Eblex website, and feature a range of alternative beef cuts from the topside, thick flank, rump, leg and chuck primals. A similar series demonstrating lamb cuts will be launched in the near future.

Van Leeuwen said: “Much of my time in recent years has been spent using seam butchery techniques to develop new cuts, which will offer greater consistency and improved eating quality for consumers, as well as increased profitability for the industry. The many practical demonstrations that I have done to launch the new cuts have always proved extremely popular, particularly with chefs and retail and catering butchers, which is why it made sense to develop these videos so that many more people can watch and learn from them.

“The plan is to continue to add to the library of videos over time and I would hope that they become a fantastic resource for everyone in the industry, providing a useful training tool to help teach the next generation of chefs and butchers about seam butchery and the improvements in consistency and profitability that the new cuts can deliver,” he added.

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