Endoline brings Spider to the UK

The ‘Spider’ robot is a servo-driven gantry robot built with three or four axes, which have the ability to palletise boxes, crates, buckets, bags or other packed goods from one or multiple lines. Operated by interpolated controls, the heavy-duty linear axes move quickly and accurately, resembling a spider. Endoline claims the machine can reach speeds of up to 10 cycles per minute. 

A large ‘operator’ display panel continuously visualises the status of the machine, the servo-drives and the different peripheral equipment – such as infeed conveyors, pallet conveyors and pallet de-stackers. Processors can introduce new palletising patterns at any point.

The machine can be changed from a vacuum gripper to a clamping gripper, giving it the ability to palletise a range of different containers.

Alan Yates, MD and CEO of Endoline Machinery, said: “The Spider machine came to our attention through one of our European distributors – as the machine is particularly successful within Belgium and the Netherlands. It was the Spider’s ability to palletise different types of containers that was particularly appealing to us, as this would work for all of our customers and was not dependent on the industry they are in. As a result, we have established a joint venture with the Belgian company who manufacture the Spider to produce it and launch it in the UK.”

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