Bristol butchers targeted by vandal

Police are investigating a series of apparently related attacks against butchers’ shops in the Bristol area. Six family butchers have been attacked a total of 11 times since the beginning of September.

A Bristol police spokesman told MTJ that eyewitness reports indicate the attacks are probably the work of a lone assailant. However, the spokesman warned all butchers in the Bristol area to double-check security.

The spokesman said: “We are taking these incidents very seriously and need any help or information we can get from butchers.”

The attacks normally take place in the early hours of the morning, when a brick or concrete block is hurled through the window of a shop. Nothing has been taken in the attacks.

Adrian Cunliffe, director of Millhouse Butchers, which has suffered two attacks, commented in an interview with the Evening Post newspaper in Bristol: “There has to be a motive, so maybe it is animal rights activists or someone with something against butchers. But surely they would put something on the brick or leave a note to say why it has been done, otherwise it would just be mindless vandalism.”

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