Red meat exports up 22%

Volumes of red meat exported to EU and non-EU countries have increased by 22% year on year, due to strong growth in the beef and bacon markets, Eblex has revealed. Overall red meat exports now represent £754.6m, up from £606.3m in 2010.

Beef and veal exports went up 36% compared to last year, and the organisation attributes these results to growing trade with established markets and the opening of shipments to non-EU countries.

Exports of red meat to Hong Kong, China, Ghana, French Polynesia and Afghanistan all increased noticeably.

Exports to established markets, such as the Netherlands, Ireland and France, went up 35%, 58% and 29% respectively, as UK beef production increased when the rest of Europe faced a shortage in supply.

The bacon sector saw a 44% increase in exports, as a decrease in shipments to non-EU countries was offset by a strong rise in shipments to Ireland and the rest of the EU.

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