Sausage savings

A sausage expert from Norfolk has claimed that bangers can help take the bite out of the credit crunch.

Stephen Plume, a maths teacher who is currently touring the UK's finest sausage makers on a British motorbike, pointed out that sausages from a local butcher are probably cheaper and tastier than many other cuts of meat.

He said that sausages, which were once made from poor-quality meat and associated with the lower end of the meat market, have enjoyed a "real renaissance" of late.

"Everyone can see the cost of a typical meal has rocketed but sausages are still well-priced and a great meal for the whole family. Bangers and mash or toad in the hole is a perfect credit crunch meal for all the family, especially as the winter sets in," he said.

Plume is a something of a sausage celebrity in the UK. In 2001, frustrated by his then local butcher he set up to share recommendations. The site was extremely successful and now gets around 4 million hits a year, with over 1,200 recommended butchers listed.

His latest adventure in the world of weeners is a tour of the UK on a classic British Triumph motorbike, visiting butchers and sausage makers along the way. He is hoping that his adventure will raise awareness of the trouble faced by the British pig industry.

"I've met some incredible people on my journey so far around the UK," said Plume.

"People who care passionately about British pork and believe that the fact we have the highest welfare levels in Europe is something to be celebrated. For a few pence more you can buy British and ensure you get the best. I look forward to visiting more quality sausage makers and, ultimately, finding Britain's Best Banger."

Stephen's epic journey around the UK will be posted on

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