Scot appointed to EU food security role

Scotland’s top scientific advisor has been appointed as the EU’s first chief scientist, two years after the EU President pledged to create the role.

Professor Anne Glover was named as the person who will assist the European Commission on decisions relating to food security and climate change throughout all stages of policy development and delivery.

President Jose Manuel Barroso said: “Professor Anne Glover has a strong track record in leading the Scottish Science Advisory Committee, which made her the stand-out candidate for this post.
“Her outstanding background and calibre will bring invaluable expertise to the Commission.”

The NFU has welcomed the appointment, having previously criticised the EU for allowing the position to remain vacant for so long, and looks forward to seeing Glover’s influence permeate European policy.
The NFU’s acting chief scientific advisor Dr Andrea Graham said: “This is very positive step from the European Commission.

“We are faced with huge global challenges to increase productivity sustainably, and solutions from the EU must be underpinned by sound science.

“The UK Government’s chief scientific advisor Professor Sir John Beddington has been an instrumental voice in putting food security back on the political agenda in the UK and we are delighted he will now have an equivalent in Europe.”


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