Multivac makes connection

Multivac has introduced a new software that connects the printers of different packaging lines to one network.

Multivac PrintingPoint is a browser-based software, which enables meat processors to use a centralised computer to distribute print layouts and data to the printers on their packaging lines. “Up to now the printers in individual packaging lines have generally been isolated applications. For this reason, user companies require an input terminal for each line with the corresponding software,” said Multivac sales manager Robert Vollenkemper. “When a product or batch is being changed, the operator must input the relevant change manually at the printer.”
By allowing the printing units to be operated from one central computer, the software helps reduce labour costs, accelerate changes and avoid input errors, the company said.
The software is matched to the individual customer’s requirements and can be linked to a customer database or product management system, for example SAP. Both thermal transfer printers and inkjet printers from Hitachi and Videojet can be networked.

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