Celebrity support pays off for butcher

Thomas’s Butchers in Corsham has been very successful since opening on 17 November in the presence of former MP Neil Hamilton and TV celebrity wife Christine.

Owner Michael Thomas, who also has a shop in Malmesbury, said: “Sales have been absolutely stunning, we cannot believe it. What the previous owner made in a week, we made in two days.”
The launch was a hit, with free samples and champagne, and got a lot of attention thanks to the Hamiltons. “Neil is a good customer, and he helped us get more attention. It was brilliant, and the shop was full,” Michael added.
Though thankful for the Hamiltons’ help, he believes that his local and traditional values are what really makes the success of both his shops. “Sure, there was an initial interest in the celebrities, but it is because we are very local that it works so well. People see meat in the window and come in. We barely ever advertise,” he added.

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