Video promotes meat from the butcher
Published:  16 December, 2011

Wholesaler John Penny and Sons has produced a video explaining the benefits of good-quality meat from the local butcher.

The video has been posted on YouTube and has attracted over 200 views. It is the first in a series of videos planned for the company’s ‘Quest for Best: The Meat Crusade’ campaign, which was launched in June this year and aims to get consumers to think differently about the meat they buy and where they buy it.

Kate Wood of John Penny and Sons told MTJ: “The Meat Crusade is all about getting quality butcher’s meat back on British dinner table. We are focusing our marketing efforts on educating consumers about how quality meat operations work.  As a farm and meat wholesaler we know how fantastic butchers are – not only at offering a fantastic product but they are also a friendly face of the British high street, who can offer a wealth of advice on how best to cook your meat.

“Our first YouTube video aims to give consumers the outline of what the campaign is about. The next one will educate consumers about what to look for in a good butcher.”

The company is also working on a Meat Crusade cookbook, due to be published next year and distributed in butcher’s shops. The book will feature easy-to-cook recipes, using unusual cuts that you can only get from your local butcher.

“It’s about getting people to cook with the cuts of meat they didn’t know. Obviously, we will include the usual steaks, but also the more obscure ones that they are not as aware of, such as shins and cheeks,”
said Wood.

“It is not one of these books that will send you into a washing-up meltdown. It is very much about great-tasting dishes that are easy to prepare, easy to cook and that will feed a family.”

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