Factsheets developed to dispel red meat myths

The Meat Advisory Panel (MAP) has developed a series of factsheets outlining the nutritional value and health benefits of meat for consumers, in a bid to dispel the myths and misinformation surrounding red meat.

The 15 factsheets, which were devised by experts and backed by Eblex, have been added to www.meatandhealth.com, an educational nutrition website which promotes healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Key areas that are highlighted include the contribution that red meat makes in vitamin and mineral intake, particularly iron, zinc and vitamins B and D, while also covering topics such as weight management, how to buy, prepare and cook red meat, and the role of lean red meat in a healthy diet. Factsheets are also available laying out the scientific facts around red meat and bowel cancer, fat, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

The website also demonstrates the changes in meat production where breeding, feed techniques and new butchery techniques have considerably lessened the fat content, producing cuts that are ideal for quick cooking methods, such as microwaving, stir-frying, dry frying and grilling.

Nicola Wilde, Eblex education and health manager, said: “Lean red meat is highly nutritious and can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Our factsheets will give consumers a greater understanding of red meat’s nutritional value and help clarify the facts relating to specific health issues. The more knowledge people have, the easier it is for them to make better informed decisions about what they are consuming.”


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