Ishida aids French firm

Ishida Europe claims that its Ishida screw feeder weigher has helped a French processor improve production by as much as 30%.

Société Progré, a family company dedicated to producing French regional specialities using mostly locally-sourced meat, installed the CCW-R-214W-SF screw feeder weigher, with 14 heads and 1.5-litre hoppers, at its factory in Baraqueville.

Specially designed for the meat industry, the weigher has coreless screws, which feed the product gently but firmly towards the hopper system. The hoppers themselves have anti-stick surfaces and are fitted with scraper gates to prevent clogging. 

The 14-head screw feeder weigher is capable of achieving speeds normally associated only with free-flowing products. At Progré, it has meant that 760g and 800g jars are filled at a rate of 28 per minute, with the meat content varying from 150g to 500g, depending on the product.  

Managing director Jean-Luc Reynié reports that the Ishida weigher has upped production by 30% for tripe products alone. He expects that, overall, productivity of Progré’s regional delicacies will increase by 50%. 
Additionally, the weigher has reduced manual handling, with five people previously employed for weighing 
meat freed up to work in other areas of the factory

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