Makro recalls tapas meat products

Makro has recalled several of its tapas meat products after they were found to be contaminated with listeria.

The cash and carry operator said it had not received any complaints about the products, but routine testing had revealed “unsatisfactory” traces of the harmful bacteria, which can potentially cause illness.
It has recalled Tapas Chorizo Sliced, Tapas Serrano Ham Sliced and Tapas Trio Sliced products, purchased after 6 October 2011.

“All products have been removed from stores and, supported by the company’s comprehensive customer database, Makro has been able to identify all those customers that purchased these products,” said a spokesperson.

“All have been notified, asked to destroy or remove the products from sale and offered full reimbursement. Retail customers have also been asked to contact their customers where relevant.”

They added that Makro was working closely with the original Spanish producer to identify the cause of the contaminiation.

Makro has informed the Food Standards Agency, which has issued a Product Recall Information Notice on its website.

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