Young adults want to know more about meat

A new survey has found that 60% of consumers aged 18-24 would like more information when buying meat.

A YouGov survey, commissioned by Eblex, found that the majority of young adults would welcome more information about the different cuts that are available to buy, as well as better advice on how to prepare and cook them.

The poll showed that younger consumers primarily rely on family, on-pack information, in-store leaflets and the internet for their information, highlighting the opportunities for processors and retailers to boost sales by increasing the availability of information.

More than 2,000 people were questioned in the survey, with research focused on consumers’ cooking ability, and knowledge of different cuts, as well as looking at their perceptions of quality, taste, ease of cooking, value for money and the need for labelling and information.  

Eblex retail project manager Chris Leeman said: “The most compelling finding for us was the fact that young people want to learn more about the beef and lamb they purchase. There is a whole generation of consumers who, with a little bit of help and education, could become lifetime beef and lamb buyers.

“Young adults have a major influence on the future of the beef and lamb category. A few simple and fairly economical changes at retail level can make a huge difference and help attract – and keep loyal – the next generation of beef and lamb consumers.”

“When it comes to the beef and lamb category, the challenge for the retail supply chain is how best to provide more product information to shoppers. Some multiple retailers are already doing this, but there’s so much more that can be done. There are a number of touchpoints retailers can use to provide this information to consumers, including websites and in-store magazines.

"There are opportunities to communicate with shoppers at the point of sale, including shelf barkers, recipe cards and, of course, on retail packs of beef and lamb. Stores with serve-over counters have the additional opportunity of providing information and advice face-to-face.”

Last year, a national survey by Eblex found that the majority of 18-25 year olds (57%) were leaving home without the ability to cook even a simple recipe such as Spaghetti Bolognese. It triggered a Red Tractor beef and lamb-led campaign, 5 by 25, which aimed to help people learn to cook at least five dishes from scratch by the age of 25.

>Eblex secures future meat demand by teaching young people how to cook


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