Butcher crafts steak bouquet for Valentine's Day

A butcher has come up with a novel Valentine’s Day gift for the meat minded - a bouquet of roses crafted from sirloin steak.

Quality Standard butcher Anthony Bowness found inspiration for the creation when a customer came into his shop carrying a bunch of roses. His bouquets include a dozen hand-made buds of steak, with finishing touches including real foliage.

Bowness, from Tewkesbury, said, “I get asked every year what I’d like for Valentine’s Day and I never know what to suggest. Soppy cards aren’t really my thing and it got me thinking about what I could make for other men out there like me.

"I had a ‘Eureka’ moment one day when a customer came in with a bunch of flowers. I started playing around with the idea and realised it was actually quite easy to do! I mean if you can make a dress from meat, then why not a bunch of roses?”

The originality of the idea has been praised and promoted by Eblex’s Quality Standard beef and lamb scheme.

Spokesperson Rebecca Miah said: “When we found out about this we couldn’t help but think what great fun the idea was. We had to let people know about the bouquet, especially as on Valentine’s Day, many people sit down to a romantic steak meal for two. And whilst they’re just for fun, they look surprisingly good!”

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