New book traces development of bacon trade

The development of the bacon market as a thriving, but controversial, sector within the UK food business is spotlighted in a new book being published this week. Providing for Britain — 125 years of provisions trading tells the story of the Provision Trade Federation (PTF) from its origins in 1887 to the influential position it occupies today.

The book traces the unique mix of commercial issues and trade politics that have characterised bacon’s growth during the past 125 years, from the beginnings of the pigmeat trade in Britain and Denmark, to the emergence of the Dutch curing industry. As well as looking at the persistent controversy surrounding animal welfare, the book also tracks the influence of the supermarkets on traditional buying and selling.

Providing for Britain is written by food journalists Lisa Moore and Clive Beddall, former editor of The Grocer, and incorporates text from ‘Making Provision’, Hugh Barty-King’s earlier history of the PTF’s first 100 years. It is published by Profile Books and is available from the PTF, priced £15.


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