Dax helps to eliminate odours

Dax Environmental has launched odour, infection and bacterial control technology for the meat and rendering industries.

The Air Steril Maxi Thermal 750 and 1500 units use a combination of technologies working in tandem to produce photo plasma, which envelops everything in the vicinity and eliminates all bacteria that cause smell and a reduction in shelf-life. The technology has previously been tested by the government’s Health Protection Agency, which found that, in one hour of continuous operation, a standard Air Steril MP20 unit killed 98.11% of airborne contamination. 

Before launching the technology, Dax Environmental trialled it at various locations. Paul Anderson, managing director of Dax Environmental, and a former abattoir technical manager and meat inspector, said: “We wanted to be absolutely sure it worked 100% and also that it did so within very challenging environments. So we held stringent trials, which were completely successful and in which the Health Protection Agency had a hand in further enhancing our technology.”

One successful trial was held at waste recycling firm, Viridor. Anderson said that Viridor’s depot in Lancing, West Sussex used to receive numerous odour complaints every week, but has not had any since the installation of the unit. “Viridor has already calculated that our units will save them 50% of their annual odour control budget in the first year alone. We are discussing rolling out the technology to their remaining UK depots.”

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