Abattoir workers face jail for animal cruelty

A judge has warned that two former-workers at a Brentwood abattoir could face a custodial sentence for ‘gratuitous cruelty’ to pigs.

Piotr Wasiuta and Kelly Smith pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today (19 April).

The pair were arrested after Animal Aid released undercover footage filmed at Cheale Meats in March and April. The videos, which were played in court, showed Wasiuta stubbing cigarettes out on the faces of pigs and Smith beating pigs with excessive force with a baton. One pig was hit as many as 30 times in a minute.

Sentencing will take place on 25 April, and presiding magistrate Jeffrey Manton said that they could be jailed for the offences.

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