Red Tractor launches schools' initiative
Published:  24 April, 2012

Red Tractor is launching a initiative to teach school children about the food chain and to showcase the quality of the food being supplied at the 2012 Olympic Games. 

The Red Tractor Assurance scheme is an integral part of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) food vision for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games, after LOCOG committed to procuring UK Red Tractor Assured food wherever seasonally possible.

‘Team RT’ will be visiting seven farms across the beef, lamb, poultry, wheat, pork, diary and fresh produce sectors during the 5-day initiative. It will integrate local school classes with farm visits to educate children on farming methods and the food chain, featuring a full size real red tractor. 

The nationwide campaign, which will also include a social media campaign and resource microsite, will start on 30th April.

Richard Cattell, Red Tractor Assurance’s head of marketing and communications said: “We are extremely proud to be a part of the largest peace-time catering operation in the world. We want to increase national awareness of Red Tractor farmers and establish a food legacy inspiring children to understand where their food comes from. Millions of UK shoppers eat Red Tractor food at affordable prices purchased from their supermarkets or whilst eating out, all year round. The Red Tractor logo is a guarantee that food and drink meets strict standards of food safety and traceability, care for the environment and animal welfare.

Lee Woodger, head of Food Chain Unit at the NFU: “The eyes of the world are on our athletes and our farmers.  This is an important milestone for Red Tractor and the perfect time to showcase the hard work that UK farmers, growers, food service operators and retailers put into delivering quality food under the Red Tractor scheme all year round.  We hope businesses and consumers will support and purchase Red Tractor food as we embrace sustainable catering standards for the future.”

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