Retailers back Red Tractor logo

Retailers are using the Red Tractor (RT) logo on a greater proportion of British products, the Red Tractor’s annual audit has found, but they are still missing opportunities to promote assured standards to consumers. 

The second Red Tractor labelling report analyses the use of the RT logo on British own-label produce in UK retailers, finding that the RT label is now the most widely used assurance mark in the UK and is used extensively by retailers to promote assured British produce. Fresh meat is the second largest category using the RT logo across the major retailers, and it now appears on 87% of fresh meat products. Only fresh milk and dairy exceed this, at 94%.

Core meat categories on which the RT logo is used accounts for nearly £10,000bn worth of retail value per annum. In fresh meat, the missed opportunities generally occurred where origin information was overprinted on the label, where other meat assurance marks were used, or where there was although there were a few examples where provenance information alone was used without supporting logo. Sainsbury’s and Waitrose had the highest proportion of RT qualifying products.

However, the report showed that there were opportunities being missed by retailers, particularly in frozen meat and sliced cooked meats.

Use of the RT logo was inconsistent on retailers’ packs of sliced cooked meats, with only Tesco consistently using the RT logo on the front of the pack. However, the majority that did qualify to use the logo, did not do so, while opportunities were also missed on sausages, bacon and gammon. Frozen meat and added value meat products were also variable, with 30% using front of pack labelling, 35% using back of pack labelling and 35% not using it at all.

Richard Cattell, head of marketing at Red Tractor Assurance said: “While we are pleased with the steps forward, the results highlighted that 3 in 10 products that qualify to carry the Red Tractor logo do not currently use it, which means there is plenty of opportunity to go after.”

“An area that represents a significant opportunity for Red Tractor is the frozen category, as it is a growing area and consumers are looking for extra reassurance that frozen meat or produce it is still a quality product.”

Total foods using the RT logo increased from 66% to 70% since the same time last year.

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