Eblex recipe book set to boost Jubilee barbecues

Stuck for what to cook for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee? Well, fret no longer. Eblex has published a booklet of recipes to help caterers increase sales of assured beef and lamb, and serve good food.

‘Celebrations’ contains four recipes designed to maximise profits and that are easy to cook in what promises to be a busy summer of festivities and sport.

Eblex has created two dishes with the Jubilee in mind: mini lamb roasting joint with a fennel and saffron marinade, and mini beef roasting joint with horseradish and chive marinade.

Both use cuts of Quality Standard beef and lamb, and are seam-butchered, thick flank joints. The meat can be cooked using the sous-vide method – sealed in bags and slow-cooked in a water bath.

Two other recipes cater for sports fans. The ‘Beef Half-Timer’ and the pulled shoulder of lamb wraps with fennel, carrot and chilli slaw, also use Quality Standard meat and can be slow-cooked beforehand, then dished up during a break in the sporting action.

Hugh Judd, foodservice project manager for Eblex, said: “The Jubilee cuts are ideal as a sharing dish for two and are, in fact, very similar to a chateaubriand, but at a fraction of the cost.

“The two snack recipes are perfect for catering for larger numbers of customers, offering chefs the flexibility to cook and prepare both dishes in advance and serve to order.

“Of course, the quality of the meat will need to shine through in these dishes so it’s important to source Quality Standard Mark beef and lamb with its guarantee of consistent eating quality.”

To download a copy of ‘Celebrations’ or any of the cutting specifications featured in the recipes, visit www.eblextrade.co.uk.


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