HCC advises council on meat

Representatives of Hybu Cig Cymru - Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) are set to meet with Isle of Anglesey County councillors to advise on providing schools with locally produced meat.

After complaints from schools on the island that meat delivered to serve to children was not from the UK, but from Belgium and Portugal, councillors have been in discussions with HCC as well as the private contractor Eden Foodservice, which supplies food to schools on the island, to rectify the situation.

Leader of the Isle of Anglesey County Council Cllr Phil Fowlie said: "It is important that our children and young people are able to enjoy local produce when they tuck into their school dinner.

"This is why we have worked closely with Eden Foodservice over the past few weeks to ensure that food served in our schools is produced, where possible, in Wales and the UK. By working with HCC as well, we hope to benefit from their expertise in this field and improve the service further."

The aim of the meeting is for each organisation to work together to identify local producers and suppliers, so that pupils at Anglesey schools are served with food from Wales.

In October, as many as 11 headteachers complained to the council after foreign meat was delivered to the schools, but Eden stated that although the company purchased meat from the UK and Ireland wherever possible, sometimes meat from outside the UK had to be sourced due to supply chains and market volumes.

Gwyn Howells, HCC chief executive, said: "We will be working with all the parties involved to identify supplies of Welsh Lamb, Beef and Pork and encourage the local authority to purchase them....Purchasing local produce boosts the local economy and reduces food miles, helping the environment"

A spokesman for Eden Foodservice said that all roast meals and freshly prepared meat dishes in the future will use chilled UK-sourced meat.

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