QMS launches offal recipe ideas

Recent figures show that offal sales are up this year and Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) has launched a series of recipes using Scottish liver and kidney.

The new selection of recipes can be found at: www.scotchbeefandlamb.com and include such dishes as Calf's Liver with Crispy Bacon and Savoy Cabbage and Sautéed Lamb's Kidney with Mustard and Mustard and Tarragon.

QMS head of marketing Laurent Vernet said: "People are rediscovering the virtues of offal, and our new set of recipes offer straightforward, simple and tasty meals that enable consumers to try something different.

"To get the best out of offal you need to ensure it's as fresh and possible and it doesn't need much cooking, kidneys can be served quite pink and can get tough if overcooked. The best liver comes from younger animals, and if you are squeamish, you can ask your butcher to dice it and use it that way."

Figures from Mintel predict that UK sales of offal will reach £62m in 2008, up 67% since 2003.

Mintel claims that one-in-five Britons have traded down to cheaper cuts, including offal, in the past year. Offal has seen a 25% increase in sales to £3.2bn, the highest rise in the red meat category since 2003.

Vernet added: "Increased offal sales are great news for consumers, as it is a healthy, hearty and economical option for tasty winter meals, and it's also good news for our producers as it opens up a new market for them to fully utilise the food they produce.

"QMS is working with producers to help them to adapt their processes to take advantage of this growing market and produce the highest quality offal from Scotland."

QMS claims that the costs saved by not having to dispose of offal could amount to around £3 per cattle, which would result in savings of over £2m a year.

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