Pork Farms launches new snack products

One of the UK’s largest pork pie brands, Pork Farms, has launched two new products to extend its reach into the snacking market.

The company’s Saucy Rolls are new-style sausage rolls, developed to breathe life into the category. The Saucy Rolls include a layer of Branston Pickle, ketchup or brown sauce and are sold in both snack and king-size packs.

The second product, Toastables, are a savoury filled pastry snack, designed to be held in the hand. They are made from a pastry that does not crumble, which makes the snack easier to eat.

Andy Napthine, head of marketing at Pork Farms, said: “The sausage roll is a perennial UK favourite, but consumers told us they wanted something a bit more interesting and have since reacted very positively indeed to our range of Saucy Rolls.

“With Toastables, we believe we have developed a product that shoppers will identify as being a quick and easy snack, offering something unique from the standard slices or microwaveable snacks on the market. With all of the events of the key summer months, snacking and quick meals will be front-of-mind for many consumers.”

>Pork Farms launches sharing pies for sociable summer


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