Signet to develop new scanning technology

Signet Breeding Services has reached an agreement with Bromley-based company Vet Image Solutions to tailor its new ultrasound scanner to meet the needs of beef and sheep producers.

The organisation, which forms part of Eblex, said the SonoScape ultrasound scanner will help producers improve carcase quality by more accurately measuring muscle and fat deposition in live animals.

Samuel Boon, manager of Signet Breeding Services, said: “The genetic potential of British livestock for traits such as growth rate and muscling are the envy of the world. This new equipment is a significant step forward for Signet.

“The images using the new machine are sharper and clearer, making it easier for the technicians to use. SonoScape machines will improve the existing service and may provide some interesting opportunities for further research relating to attributes of the carcase.”

Signet’s scanning service was introduced in 1987 as a result of levy-funded research and is now used by 750 of Signet’s clients every year.

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