Bpex offers online ventilation workshop

An online workshop offering solutions to improve pig health and performance will be run by Bpex at the end of this month.

The workshop follows a recent study carried out by Bpex, highlighting how detrimental poor ventilation on pig farms can be. The study added that poor ventilation was an industry barrier, affecting attempts to improve pig health.

Taking the online session is ventilation specialist John Chambers, who will be answering pig producers’ questions. Chambers said: “Efficient ventilation systems effectively draw fresh air into a building, removing the stale air, which contains a proportion of microbes, dust, harmful gases and water vapour. Where systems are either not well-managed or fail to function properly, there are detrimental implications to pig health and performance, particularly during warm weather.”

The online workshop is part of a series of new projects from Bpex’s health and environment teams. The workshop starts at 7pm on Monday, 30 July and will last one hour. Those wishing to take part should visit www.bpex.org.uk/news/events/webinars.

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