NBA appoints new board

The National Beef Association (NBA) has ended months of turmoil and uncertainty with the establishment of a new board and the ratification of a new constitution.

The new board will replace the Review Committee that was created in October 2011 after the organisation’s entire previous board resigned at its AGM last October.

Hamish McBean, who led the Review Committee, has been appointed as NBA chairman, while two other former members of the Review Committee – Stephen Heenan and Paul Westaway – will also sit on the new board. Heenan will also serve as vice-chairman.

McBean said: “I am delighted that the NBA has moved through this period of transition and formed a new board. It is a great honour that I have been elected as chairman of that board, and I look forward to taking the many recommendations received by the Review Committee and putting them into action over the year of my term.”

Other new board members include Nick Davis, who will act as Welsh representative, and John Hoskin and Bob Schofield, who will represent the south west and northern regional seats of England respectively. Jim Stewart will act as Scottish representative on the board until  the creation of the new Scottish Beef Association.

The organisation said that “other regional seats will be filled in time, as well as the as the co-option of a representative for the beef breed societies.”

The first meeting of the new board will take place in mid-September, with members discussing the creation of rules to complement the new Articles of Association.

“We’ve come a long way since October and this is a very exciting new era for the NBA, with plenty of new faces to take the organisation forward in the future,” said McBean.


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