Alnwick butcher boosts sales with pulled pork

An Alnwick butcher has given the American “pulled pork” sandwich a British twist in a bid to boost sales over the summer.

R Turnbull & Sons Butchers on Market Street, Alnwick, launched the new range of sandwiches, which are based on the US BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, with a “best of British” twist.

Shop owner Mark Turnbull explained that he came across the sandwiches while on holiday in Florida a number of years ago. Turnbull added: “The pork is cooked using a low-heat, long-cook process. With these extended times at low temperatures, the meat becomes so tender that it can be pulled apart or easily broken into individual pieces – hence the name.”

Turnbull has also decided to give the US hotdog a British-style makeover after developing a pork and beef sausage using local meats. He said: “By combining these meats with a unique blend of spices, we have created a top-notch banger with a very high meat content.”

Turnbull said customers can choose from a plain hot dog with a choice of mustard and ketchup or a ‘Chilli Dog’, which is a hot and spicy sausage developed by Turnbull’s team of in-house chefs. By joining forces with The Farm Bakery in Rennington, Turnbull has continued the theme of newness and developed special buns and baps for the new pulled pork “ready-to-go” sandwiches.


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