Meat crusade launched to “save our bacon”

The fight to save British pork has taken another step with the launch of a campaign by John Penny & Sons, entitled ‘The Meat Crusade’.

The campaign was launched by eighth-generation butcher John Penny, who highlighted the rising cost of feed linked with supermarkets pushing downs prices as the cause of struggle for pig farmers. Penny explained that small to medium-sized producers are finding it hard to make a living because consumers choose to purchase cheaper meats from supermarkets.

According to Penny, there used to be around 22,000 high street butchers in the mid-1990s, but in 2010 a recorded 6,553 remained. Penny added: “Buying British meat is not only crucial to the survival of pig farmers, it also impacts on their customers and on high street butchers, who depend on suppliers of good-quality pork to make their produce. Many high street butchers have built their reputation on the quality of their homemade – and in many cases award-winning – sausages, pork pies and bacon.

“Because of the move to convenience shopping, we are in grave danger of losing pork from our food chain – the joint of ham served up at Christmas, the bacon and sausages in our morning fry-up and the sausage rolls in our picnic. The only way to save British pork is to start eating it – it’s time for the public to take action and support our pig farmers.”

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