Eblex puts lamb back on the menu

Getting lamb back on the menus in the foodservice industry has led Eblex to embark on an “educational tour” of the country.

Eblex foodservice project manager Hugh Judd explained that lamb had become somewhat of a premium meat, caused by a reduced supply and high prices. Now, however, an increase in new-season lamb has made it an ideal time for the catering industry to “put lamb back on the menu”, he said.

According to Eblex, the project is aimed at independent chefs, foodservice operators, catering butchers and students from catering colleges. To maximise the message, the tour will stop at five Quality Standard Mark (QSM) scheme approved farms around the country.

Judd said: “Lamb remains a popular choice with consumers, especially when eating out, so we need to work with the supply chain to get it back on to menus.

“The lamb tour will provide an excellent opportunity to bring the supply chain together — to educate and inspire — and create discussion among our guests to help them better understand the needs of each sector.”

Farm tours will take place at each location and, to showcase the number of lamb cuts available to caterers, there will also be butchery demonstrations. To end the day, guests will take part in a DIY BBQ meal, which will give them the opportunity to cook and sample featured cuts.

The tour will start on Wednesday, 12 September at Beckett Farm House in Kent. Anyone wishing to attend the events should contact Laura Harrison at laura@nimblejack.co.uk to register their details or, for more information, call Hugh on 07966 083164.

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