‘British’ food needs greater promotion, claims body

The organisers behind Love British Food 2012 have called on the food industry to build on the Olympic legacy by proposing a five-point plan to promote brand Britain.  

Alexia Robinson, organiser of Love British Food 2012, outlined the proposals, which called for the relaxation of the complex LOCOG branding regulations that prevent the many British food and drink producers and caterers who supplied the Olympics from using their London 2012 credentials to promote themselves and win new customers.

It also called for a stop to gold-plating EU regulations, which it claimed made the promotion of Britishness difficult. “This is particularly throttling for Britain’s food industry as our main producer groups are funded by a levy from farmers and therefore fall within state aid regulations. These restrict them from giving a clear ‘buy British’ message to the consumer.”

It said that with the Olympics had made ‘Britain’ one of the most valuable brands in the world, and that retailers, caterers and producers should capitalise on food’s British credentials. “‘Local’ and ‘regional’ have their place, but let’s do more to shout about British food,” it said.

It also advised that such promotion did not necessarily need to wait for big sporting or national events and that the appointment of a British Food Tsar would help address this issue.


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