Better returns for beef producers

Eblex has published a new booklet aimed at helping beef producers get the most out of surplus dairy-bred male calves.

The manual, which was published at an Eblex livestock event, is part of its Better Returns Programme. It explores different options available for beef producers' surplus dairy males, such as veal production.

Eblex said the new manual gives producers a “useful overview of the advantages and disadvantages” of the various options. It also features advice on health issues and guidance on preparing and selecting animals for slaughter.

Senior livestock scientist at Eblex Dr Mary Vickers explained that pure dairy-bred male calves could give farmers the opportunity to make more profit. However, she added that the fine line between loss and profit could be putting them off. “The way pure dairy-bred beef cattle can be managed is wide and varied, and there is a system to suit almost every farming enterprise,” she said.

“As with any livestock farming enterprise, it is wise to secure a market and carry out budgets to check financial feasibility before starting, then monitor performance and pay great attention to detail as the animals grow.”


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