Tesco boosts meat content
Published:  08 October, 2012

A supermarket giant is upgrading around 300 of its ready meals at no extra cost to customers.

In a multi-million-pound revamp, Tesco is improving and increasing ingredients in many of its British, Italian and Finest ready meal ranges. In an update of its “shopper’s favourite ready meals”, Tesco will be increasing the use of British beef and chicken, which will add £50m to UK agriculture, it said.

When purchasing from the British Classics range, diners can expect 20% more meat at no extra cost, 100% British beef and chicken and a complete overhaul and redesign of packaging.

Both the Finest range and the Italian range will also see packaging redesigned, but Finest will use 100% British beef and chicken, whereas Italian will see meat content increase by 20%.

Category buying manager for Tesco David Harman explained it was the biggest and most far-reaching revamp ever made to Tesco’s ready meals. He said: “Shoppers will be offered superior-quality dishes, including getting 20% more British meat at no extra cost. At the same time, we will be re-directing £50m back into the British meat industry as we boost the amount of home-reared beef and chicken.”

Tesco said the relaunch followed a consultation process that involved 1,000 customers, who tried and tested the new dishes, which they gave feedback on.

The supermarket chain will also offer consumers the option to get up-to-date texts with the latest offers when they buy any Finest Meal Deals. This, Tesco said, was another innovation introduced for the first time so customers don’t miss out on deals and sales.

According to Tesco the relaunch will be supported by a national advertising campaign with the slogan “20% more at no extra cost”.

The latest changes follow the update of Tesco’s Indian, Oriental and Tex-Mex ready meals earlier in the year, which also include 20% more meat, as well as higher-quality sauces, herbs, pasta and rice, Tesco said.

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