Hensons backs Trafalgar sandwich with salt beef deal

As part of a meaty effort to have Trafalgar Day honoured with a Bank Holiday, Hensons Foodservice is supplying one of its products at a discounted price.

In support of the South Coast campaign to have 21 October commemorate the famous battle, Hensons will supply its salt beef at a discounted price through Portsmouth-based Dennis Edwards Foodservice, which supplies the Portsmouth restaurants, pubs, cafés and deli owners. The purpose of selling it at a discounted price is so it can be the basis of a ‘Victory Sandwich’, the official sandwich of the campaign.

The Victory Sandwich consists of salt beef and pickle and was devised by a professional foodie collective. It is also based on accurate historic documents, which show that salt beef was served twice a week to Admiral Lord Nelson and the crews aboard the 27-strong fleet of Royal Navy warships he commanded.

Andrew Brook, managing director of Hensons Foodservice, said: “We think the Taste Victory campaign is a great idea and are happy to support it to the extent that, should other eateries from other parts of the country want to come on board, we’d be delighted to offer them the same salt beef deal.”

The Battle of Trafalgar took place in 1805 during the Napoleonic Wars. Nelson, on board HMS Victory, defeated the 33 vessels of the combined French and Spanish navies, west of Cape Trafalgar off the south-west coast of Spain. The Franco-Spanish fleet lost 22 ships. No British vessels were lost, although Nelson was mortally wounded.


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