UK to take part in southern hemisphere butchery competition
Published:  26 October, 2012

Organisers of a tri-nations butchery competition that has been running for five years in Australia and New Zealand have invited the UK to compete next year.

As part of the competition, the UK requires a team to butcher and dress both a side of beef and a whole lamb. Brindon Addy, who is the chairman of the Q Guild and organiser of the UK team, explained that a team was almost ready, bar a junior butcher, but sponsorship was not quite there.

Addy said: “We are trying to get more sponsorship for it and, if you’re a sponsor, you will get a good deal as sponsorship will last for two years.

According to Addy, the team will compete in New Zealand next year, where sponsors’ branding will be on banners, clothing and posters. When the competition comes to the UK the year after, the branding will still be in place and so will benefit sponsors again.

Currently the main sponsor of the event is Eblex, but Addy wants more people to get involved. “We are selling three types of sponsorship packages,” Addy said. “The first is a Gold package, which costs £1,500, and you get your name on the banner, on shirt collars and we use your products.

“Silver gets your name on shirt sleeves, name on the pop-up banner and we use your products if they don’t clash with the gold sponsor.

“And bronze will get your name on the pop-up banner. And that’s all for two years!”

Eblex head of trade marketing Mike Whittemore said: “We are involved as one of the main sponsors, but it’s being managed by Brindon Addy and the Q Guild. We are really happy to be part of it.”

Next year will be the first year the UK takes part in the competition, which means it will be held in the UK the following year.

If you are interested in supporting the UK team, you can do so by contacting Brindon Addy on or 01484 682 897

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