Low-fat sausage wins Bpex foodservice accolade
Published:  29 October, 2012

Processor Scan Foods UK beat tough competition with its innovative low-fat sausage to be crowned overall champion at Bpex's Foodservice Pork Sausage of the Year awards on Friday (26 October).

The processor’s Olive Hill Farm Pork and Chorizo sausage beat 15 other finalists in what judges described as a “really close” competition, with just two decimal points seperating the winner from the next highest scorer.

Judges said the sausage, made with a globally patented process that replaces saturated fat with extra virgin olive oil, stood out because of its excellent flavour and low fat profile.

Tony Goodger, Bpex’s foodservice trade manager, said: “What made it stand out a little more from the other sausages was that it was a very innovative sausage that was very low fat and succulent. And because of the flavour it really delivered on the plate and is a smashing sausage.”

Commenting after the win, Ray Stannard, product development manager with Scan Foods, said: “It feels fantastic to win. It’s a very healthy sausage and we’re using a UK Red Tractor-approved meat supplier, so it has good quality pork in it. We are the first UK supplier to produce a Greek recipe with olive oil. It’s a healthy recipe and ticks all of the boxes.”

Thomas Olander, managing director for Scan Foods in the UK, added: “We are delighted to have received this recognition from Bpex. This really is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of sausages with the distinct appeal of the Mediterranean and the added benefit of reduced saturated fat. Perceived ‘bad’ saturated fats are replaced with the goodness of extra virgin olive oil, meaning that sausage consumers will now not only be able to buy a fantastic new sausage but it will be better for them too.”

The winning sausage is just one of six varieties in the company’s Olive Hill Farm Pork Sausage range, all of which won awards at the Bpex event. Scan Foods said the sausages in the range are 30% lower in saturated fat than standard premium pork sausages, and have an 80% meat content, with pork sourced from F A Gill in Wolverhampton.

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