Bradnock named British Poultry Person of the Year

Chief executive of the British Poultry Council (BPC) Peter Bradnock has been named the BPC-BOCM PAULS Poultry Person of the Year.

Bradnock was given the award at the 2012 Egg and Poultry Industry conference earlier this week.

The chief executive has been in his role for more than 20 years and, according to the BPC, has worked relentlessly to promote the industry and raise the organisation’s profile in the UK and abroad.

Chairman of the BPC John Reed presented the award and praised Bradnock’s expertise and commitment to the poultry industry.

Reed said: “Peter worked quietly and constantly for two decade to protect and promote the interests of the British poultry sector. Under his leadership, BPC worked towards becoming a strong and relevant partner for the government, politicians, the media and consumers.”

Bradnock said he was very honoured to be the Poultry Person of the Year. He added: “Our industry is a vibrant sector with tremendous potential. At a time when the main challenge is to feed a growing population in a sustainable way, the British poultry industry has a key role to play and will continue to deliver wholesome, nutritious and affordable food, and I’m proud to be part of it.”


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