Call for youngsters to consider a career in butchery

A leading food hall is calling on younger people to consider butchery as a promising and viable career path.

Fodder, the Yorkshire Agricultural Society’s food hall, says that with more than 900,000 young people unemployed, there remained great opportunities for them within the butchery sector.

Paul Nicholson, master butcher at Fodder, said; “Many butchers are desperate for eager young people to learn the skills of the trade and continue the art of traditional British butchery that is in danger of being lost. We’ve seen a huge decline in butchers over the past 10 years and much of this is due to the lack of younger generations moving into the industry to continue the treasured traditions and skills found in a good butcher.”
Fodder is now working with Leeds City College’s Thomas Danby campus to offer apprenticeships to students studying Butchery Retail Skills, an 18-month course which will give youngsters the opportunity to work alongside Paul and gain first-hand experience of working in a busy retail butchery environment.
Paul added: “The butchery trade needs to broaden its appeal to young people and one of the ways of doing that is offering apprenticeships and giving young people a viable career, developing skills and gaining qualifications. They learn the basics at college but it is here, behind the butchery counter, they can build on this knowledge and gain the customer service skills necessary to be a great butcher.”
Callum Milne, apprentice at Fodder, aged 21, said; “While working at Fodder, I’ve practised butchering a full carcase of meat and gained skills in display and presentation, developed customer service skills and trained in how best to advise customers about various cuts of meat.”
Another trainee, Sam Hurran, who completed his apprenticeship with Fodder in May this year and has now been recruited to work full-time in the butcher’s at Fodder.


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