New bacon launches with double award success

An artisan pork company that supplies farm shops and foodservice across the West Country is launching a new bacon brand that has already picked up two prestigious awards. 

The Kernow Sausage Company, which produces a range of sausages, bacon, burgers and gammon, won a Gold Great Taste Award and a silver Bpex award for its ‘Cornish Sweetheart’ streaky bacon, ahead of the official launch this week.  

The streaky bacon, produced from the company’s outdoor pig herd and selected Cornish farms, is marinated in molasses and chilli before being cured for six weeks.  

Gavin Roberts, of The Kernow Sausage Company, said: “Continuous innovation and product development is very important to us, so we are thrilled that the Cornish Sweetheart bacon has won these awards.

“The bacon is made using traditional methods and it is the addition of the marinade that makes a big difference. It gives it a sweet edge and a really interesting depth of flavour. The combination of sweet and hot is a winner in my book. As well as the flavour, I think the judges were quite interested in the appearance. It is a pink bacon with a dark edge around it, so it is unique to look at.”

The Kernow Sausage Company also won Bpex awards for its Cornish Bratwurst, Trelawney Traditional Sausage and Proper Hogs Pudding.

The Great Taste Awards are organised by the Guild of Fine Food and are the acknowledged benchmark for speciality food and drink across the UK.


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