Mattessons puts success down to latest campaign

Mattessons has pinned a recent £30m success, as well as a 30% increase in sales, on a £2.5m ad campaign launched in June.

According to the meat processing company, the ‘Iconic Hank Marvin’ campaign, in which an army of teenagers dressed as Hank Marvin return home from school hungry, has driven brand awareness of Mattessons to its highest-ever level. “Now more than 80% of consumers recognise Fridge Raiders as an afternoon snack,” said a spokesperson in a statement.

The company, a subsidiary of Kerry Foods, has claimed to be the biggest advertiser in the meat snacking industry and has said the advertisement pushed Mattesson’s share of the market up to over 30%.

Russell Goldman, UK and Ireland marketing director, meats and savoury for Kerry Foods said: “Hank Marvin and his catchphrase have clearly caught the imagination of the British public and we are thrilled with the impact the campaign has had on sales. Fans of Fridge Raiders will be pleased to know that Hank will be returning to our screens next year to coincide with some exciting new brand activity.”
Sales over the last 12 months showed householders purchased the Fridge Raiders more than any other meat snack, which is a first for the brand, and the ad has seen half a million hits on YouTube.  

The 40-second and 60-second TV adverts show hungry teens dressed as Hank Marvin – wearing the star’s glasses, a wig and carrying Fender guitars – on their way home from school. When the ‘Hanks’ arrive home, Mum gives her ‘Hank’ a pack of Fridge Raiders, which satisfies his hunger and allows him to return to his normal self.


Since Mattesons launched in 2005, it has invested more than £20m in to the meat snacking market and has driven category growth by 50%. More than 5m households each year buy Mattessons products and the company has given itself an estimated value of £68.5m.

The meat snacking market in general has grown by 2.4% in the last 52 weeks to a value of £98m.

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