Campaign contributes to exports of cuts, says Eblex

An Eblex campaign, called ‘cuts not carcases’, has paid dividends, according to the organisation.

Within the first nine months of 2012, export volumes of cuts were up 11% on the year, which means the industry’s approach to exporting cuts instead of carcases is changing.

The red meat levy board said: “The exports of bone-in and boneless cuts for the period bucked the trend of a 6% fall in overall sheep meat exports. The decline in total volume of sheep meat exports was driven by an 11% drop in carcase shipments.”
Now, sheep meat cuts account for 26% of total export volumes compared with only 22% in the same period last year.

Eblex and AHDB market specialist Paul Heyhoe explained: “While the overall volume of sheep meat exports in the first nine months of the year has fallen, largely driven by the drop in production, it has disguised some of the trends in the UK’s export performance.
“One of the key developments continues to be the ‘cuts not carcases’ approach. In contrast, the positive figures for exports of bone-in and boneless cuts speak for themselves, which is very encouraging.”

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