Badger vaccination claim

New research backed by the government claims vaccinating badgers can reduce the level of TB in an infected colony by more than a half.

The results come from a four-year study conducted by the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) and various university departments. And according to research authors, the finding “shoots a massive hole” in the government’s policy that claims culling badgers is the only way to stop the disease.

CEO of wildlife charity Care for the Wild Philip Mansbridge explained that the report should be the “final nail in the coffin” of the government’s plan to cull badgers. “Pro-cull supporters claim the disease can only be stopped if the so-called reservoir of disease within wildlife is reduced – this study shows that vaccination can achieve this,” he said.

The report also showed that unvaccinated young badgers within the same social group as the vaccinated adults showed a reduction in risk to TB of about 80% and that vaccination had a knock-on positive effect within a sett.

Mansbridge added: “It just proves what we have been saying all along – if you give a humane alternative the same time and attention as you give a policy of slaughter, then you will find a way to beat this disease, which everyone can be happy with.”

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