FSA teams with NHS on food safety Q&A

NHS Choices, an NHS health information website, and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) will be hosting live food safety Q&A sessions on Twitter.

The sessions will take place between 19 December and 21 December and will aim to help the public avoid food poisoning over the Christmas period.

Head of programme for NHS Choices Mandy Williams said: “No one wants to be ill over the festive period, especially with food poisoning,” the organisations said. “We hope these tweet chats in the final week before Christmas can help people to feel confident when cooking their turkey and avoid making themselves or their family ill.”

Latest figures show that, each year, around 4,500 people suffer from campylobacter-related food poisoning in December. This particular bacteria is found in turkey and chicken and more than 69,000 people visited NHS Choices last December to find out more about it and about food poisoning in general.

FSA food safety expert Bob Martin said: “Christmas is a time when people often cook a bigger bird – and for more people than they usually do. We want to make sure everyone enjoys their Christmas meal and stays well during the festive season, which is why we are running a food question and answer session with NHS Choices.

According to Martin, ‘tweeters’ will be encouraged to ask food safety questions on preparation, cooking, storage or reuse of food. “For example, people might like to ask how long it will take to cook their turkey, or how long they can safely keep Christmas leftovers,” he added.


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