Safety campaign targets farming industry

Livestock farmers are amongst those targeted by the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) latest safety campaign, which aims to prevent deaths and serious injuries in the agriculture industry.

The HSE has launched the 'Make the promise. Come home safe' campaign in a bid to reduce the number of fatal accidents on farms. The campaign asks farmers to make a simple promise - to come home safe.

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has praised the campaign, saying that it will benefit everyone in the industry, particularly farming families.

NFU vice president Paul Temple said: "Any death is one death too many, yet all too frequently someone dies in a farm accident. These accidents destroy lives, whole families and often farm businesses.

"This campaign is of massive importance to the farming industry. Anything that raises awareness of the dangers farmers and farm workers face and helps identify the activities where farmers are most at risk can only have a positive impact."

The NFU has asked everyone in rural areas and those involved in the farming industry to get involved with the campaign and spread its message.

"It is in everyone's interest - farmers, farm workers, their families and friends - to make the working environment as safe as possible," said Temple. "As it says in the campaign slogan, we want everyone to 'Come Home Safe'."

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