Britain opens pork channels to Australia

A new market for high-value British pork is to open, following the agreement of health certificates with Australia.

Exports could start soon, as the technical aspect of the agreement has been finalised, while plant registration is being carried out.

International manager for Bpex Peter Hardwick explained that Bpex and Defra had been working together with the Australian authorities over the last year and, as a result, the three are all very pleased with the “positive result”.

Hardwick said: “The pork being sent out there will be high-value, high-welfare and it will all be heat-treated, which means the majority of it will go for bacon manufacture.

“The unique feature of the UK is that we are able to deliver this high-quality pork rather than commodity pork. Australian retailers are having difficulty sourcing such pork domestically and we are able to supply because we are ahead of the game, particularly with reference to the lack of sow stalls.”


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