Horsemeat: Tesco will still source beef from ABP

Tesco will continue sourcing beef from ABP, the owner of the Silvercrest plant recently delisted by the supermarket for supplying burgers containing horsemeat.

In a statement issued yesterday, ABP said that it understood Tesco’s decision to drop Silvercrest as a supplier, but welcomed “their decision to continue sourcing fresh beef from other ABP companies”.

The company acknowledged that it had let its customers down and apologised again for the incident.

Paul Finnerty, ABP Food Group CEO said: “We have learnt important lessons from this incident and we are determined to ensure that this never happens again”.

”We have already implemented total management change at the Silvercrest facility – which remains closed. We also have effected a Group Re-organisation to better manage our Convenience foods business. We have put in place new procedures to audit all our third party suppliers. We have also established comprehensive DNA testing procedures – we will become an industry leader in this area.”

Tesco announced yesterday that it was dropping Silvercrest as a supplier following revelations that the company had not followed its specifications that Tesco-branded products should be produced using 100% British and Irish beef from a list of approved suppliers.

The Co-Operative and Asda have subsequently announced that they would also be dropping Silvercrest as a supplier, after their own tests had found horse DNA in burgers supplied by the plant.


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