ABP acquires Debbie & Andrew’s
Published:  01 February, 2013

Andrew Keeble has spoken out about ABP Food Group’s purchase of the Debbie & Andrew’s brand from Vion UK, which was revealed yesterday.

Keeble voiced his disappointment over the lack of opportunity he was given to buy back the brand he and Debbie Keeble spent 14 years creating. “But this isn’t stopping us from moving on and preparing for the launch of our new Heck range,” he said.

“In our experience, big companies struggle to maintain the provenance and values of smaller ones and the recent ABP issues are a prime example, so it remains to be seen where Debbie & Andrew’s goes from here.” he added.

The brand, which was founded in 2000 and sold to Vion in 2007, will now be in the hands of ABP’s W A Turner sausage division.

W A Turner managing director Ian Bagnell said the acquisition was an “exciting and important” addition to the company’s product range. He also said the Turner team had already started working on new flavours and were keen to “reinforce the Debbie & Andrew’s brand values”.

However, such brand enforcement was concerning to Keeble, who said: “Our job now is to distance ourselves from the brand and to let consumers know it no longer has anything to do with us.”  

“Currently the packaging and marketing materials use our images, even down to our own farmhouse and wellies, and we’d hate to think that these false values were being passed onto customers to increase sales.”

The decision to sell the Debbie & Andrew’s brand was the latest move by Vion, which intends to sell all its UK operations and saw the sale of its Hall’s brand in Scotland earlier this week.

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