Aldi UK drops Dalepak after further tests reveal horse DNA

Aldi UK has dropped burger supplier Dalepak after new tests found traces of horse DNA in three products.

The supermarket said that “independent testing” on three Aldi burger products supplied by the ABP-subsidiary had found traces of horse and pig DNA. It confirmed that it had suspended its contract with the processor pending further investigations.

“We are deeply angry and feel let down by our supplier and we are pursuing more tests [at Dalepak] until we are certain that we understand how the production line was contaminated,” a spokesperson said.

Aldi Ireland recently confirmed that it had dropped Silvercrest, ABP’s plant in Ireland, stating that there had been “serious breach of contract” by the supplier.

Tesco, the Co-operative, Asda and Burger King have also terminated contracts with Silvercrest in the wake of the scandal, with Tesco and Burger King accusing the processor of breaching supply agreements by using meat from a Polish supplier when it had promised to use only UK and Irish beef.

The horsemeat contamination at Silvercrest has been traced back to a Polish supplier by food safety officials in Ireland. Investigations by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) into the contamination at Dalepak are ongoing.


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