Council of Mosques calls for Halal Food Authority boycott

The discovery of pork DNA in halal products, which were intended for the consumption of Muslim prisoners, has escalated after the Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) called for a boycott of the Halal Food Authority.

Chair of the LCM councillor Salim Mulla said the Muslim community of Lancashire was deeply concerned at the “irregularities” in the halal industry and asked for “proper audit trails” to ensure the authenticity of halal meat.

He added that the discovery also sheds light on the “improper auditing practices” carried out by some halal accreditation bodies in the UK and singled out the Halal Food Authority (HFA).

Mulla said: “The Muslim community of Lancashire is utterly shocked that the supplier of pork contaminated products is certified by the Halal Food Authority. We urge communities and schools across Lancashire to boycott HFA-accredited products until further investigation.”

He added that the LCM would be writing to all prisons in the area to request urgent meetings. He also urged that testing be done on halal food in prisons.

HFA president Khawaja Masood told that traces of pork DNA were found in the products and that it was forbidden for Muslims to eat pork. He said: “It is not the case of an ingredient, rather a case of DNA being found. No producer would tarnish and damage its own product and nobody would try to feed a Muslim pork, otherwise there would be welfare issues.”

Masood said the HFA would now be implementing sporadic DNA testing on products to decrease the likeliness of something similar happening again.


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